Classroom Behavioral Specialist Job

Job Number: LSS13355

Job Title: Classroom Behavior Specialist

Department: Bradley School New London Rgl - 3203232

Facility: Lifespan School Solutions, Inc

Location: Providence, RI

Bachelor's Degree in Human Services or Associate's Degree in Human Services or a current college student at the Junior or Senior level with at least 60 credits. Special Education classroom based direct care experience preferred.

Lifespan School Solutions Safety Care Certification:Employees in this position work in a special education setting under stressful conditions associated with care of psychiatrically impaired, aggressive, and sometimes, self-injurious individuals. Employees are expected to utilize de-escalation techniques taught in the Safety Care training to minimize need for physical intervention. They must have the ability to remain calm during a crisis situation as evidenced by the ability to make quick rational decisions and prioritize immediate care needs to maintain a therapeutic environment and ensure safety. Employees in this position must also be able to participate in the physical management of students which can include, but is not limited to, awareness and demonstration of safe body positioning at all times, awareness and coordination to block and deflect possible aggression, and the ability to physically hold struggling individuals, using approved methods only, to maintain safety for extended periods of time. Specifically, such employees must be able to: lift up to fifty pounds; reach with their hands and arms; grasp and hold with their hands; bend/squat/kneel without limitation, and physically escort patients who may become combative for short distances. Position requires occasional running for short distances, and frequent standing, walking, and sitting.

Driver Authorization: May be required to drive a Lifespan owned/leased/rented vehicle for the purpose of transporting students or staff or to conduct other school business.This requires the employee to have a current valid driver's license appropriate to the vehicle operated.No employee shall operate a Lifespan owned/leased/rented vehicle unless and until s/he is authorized to operate it by her/his supervisor. Authorization is based on meeting all of the specific criteria in the Lifespan System-Wide Fleet Risk Control Policy, which may be amended and updated from time to time.The most current and governing version of the policy can be found on the Lifespan Intranet.

The Classroom Behavior Specialist functions as a teacher assistant in a Special Education self-contained classroom, providing direct care and behavioral management. This position is in our Lifespan School Solutions/Bradley School Program in Uncasville, CT.