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Post Doctoral Research Fellow Job

Job Number: RIH12041

Job Title: Post Doc/Research Fellow


Facility: Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

We are seeking a well trained, skilled, and flexible post-doctoral candidate who is capable of a translational approach to basic science research, while integrating knowledge and background from multiple fields, including biochemistry, material science and biomaterials, microbiology, and animal work. The candidate would be comfortable working independently while cooperating with multiple teams to combine expertise and techniques. A degree of clinical integration will be expected, while working with animal experiments but also human tissue and explanted biomaterials. The individual selected will be working directly, and in cooperation with an orthopedic surgeon, thus affording the translational nature of the projects. Combining clinical expertise with biomaterial and bioengineering approaches, we try to materialize products that are ultimately targeted for the operating room and the patient.
Our laboratory is focused on innovation in joint replacement biomaterials by trying to directly address clinical questions through basic science research. Our expertise expands across the field of orthopedic design, revision surgery, biomaterial modification, smart materials, periprosthetic infection, biofilms, ingrowth and ongrowth surfaces, and osteoblast/chondrocyte interaction with material surfaces. Our previous work has led to smart nanosurface modification to titanium surfaces that renders them antibacterial while not inhibiting biocompatibility. We now expand on the concept to include all phases of implant survival including osteo-integration, infection prevention, periprosthetic infection treatment, osteolysis, and other processes. We would like to expand into 3D micro-spatial design and printing with the goal of future total joint scaffolding rather than metallic replacement.