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Clinical Research Assistant Job

Job Number: RIH19042

Job Title: Clinical Research Assistant - 2MGIM Ramsey HCC

Department: 2MGIM Ramsey HCC - 7321004

Facility: Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology or related area, including courses in research methodology.
Three to six months of previous research experience involving human participants (as a student research assistant is acceptable).
Knowledge of theory and techniques of research methodology.
Organizational skills to organize and prioritize own efforts on multiple projects and to gather research information, format appropriately for computer data entry, prepare and maintain research records and reports, etc.
Interpersonal skills to effectively interact with study applicants and participants, patients, families, supervisors, and other hospital professionals to gather and exchange information.
Written and oral communication skills to develop research protocols and other research documents, and communicate effectively.
Analytical skills to participate in developing research protocols, perform basic statistical analyses, and participate in analyses of research data.
Demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to interact with study applicants and participants, with consideration of aging processes, human development stages, cultural patterns, and varying literacy levels.
Knowledge of SPSS and/or REDCap desirable but not required; training provided
Under the general supervision of the Principal Investigator(s) and Clinical Research Program Coordinator, assist in acquisition and analysis of data for multiple clinical research projects. Current projects focus on behavioral interventions for tobacco cessation, substance use disorders, HIV prevention, and HIV medication adherence. Interviews study applicants and participants by telephone and in-person to screen for eligibility and gather information, administers surveys and other research tasks to participants, schedules and sends reminders for participant appointments, prepares and maintains study records and documents, enters data via computer, performs basic statistical analyses of resultant data. Participates in qualitative/quantitative analyses of resultant data. Reviews relevant literature to gather information; may participate in development of research protocols, grants, conference abstracts, and manuscripts. May perform EKG’s, take vital signs, and collect samples (e.g., breath, urine, saliva) during research-based monitoring tests (training provided). May also ship samples as required by protocol.

Must be comfortable interacting in an interdisciplinary setting and interacting with people living with HIV and who use illicit drugs. Must also be comfortable interacting within the criminal justice system and with individuals who are incarcerated.