Clinician - Child & Family Outreach Job

Job Number: GHI16774

Job Title: Clinician - Child and Family Outreach - Co-Occuring Disorders

Department: Child & Family Pawtucket - 5302320

Facility: Gateway Healthcare Inc.

Location: Pawtucket, RI

•Master’s Degree in social work or a related mental health field as approved by DCYF contract.
•Must be a qualified Medicaid practitioner as per DCYF regulation.
•Experience working with emotionally disturbed children or other relevant experience desirable.

Provides clinical and crisis intervention services to children and youth who have behavioral health disorders and their families. Treatment is provided in the clients’ homes and community, along with care coordination with schools, physicians, and other providers. In addition to providing intensive services to youth with general behavior health disorders, this position includes specialized treatment for youth with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.