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Cumbustion/PP Maint Engineer Job

Job Number: RIH15150

Job Title: Cumbustion/PP Maint Engineer

Department: Facilities Mgt Power Plant - 1014384

Facility: Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

  • Completion of High School or vocational school.
  • Completion of one to two years training in advanced electronic controls and boiler operations, either from technical school or military training.
  • Knowledge of maintenance specifications on equipment and appropriate regulations.
  • Electronic and mechanical ability to diagnose problems and make necessary repairs to equipment and the ability to operate computer with related keyboard skills.
  • Knowledge of thermodynamics of steam, principals of generators and electricity, pertinent air pollution regulations, electronic burner management and electronic control devices.
  • Three to five years related experience has a boiler operator in the steam generation field.
  • Must have a Boiler Operating license from City of Providence.
  • Must obtain Stationary Operating Engineer’s License from City of Providence within one year in job.

  • Under general supervision, inspects, cleans, maintains and repairs high pressure boilers and medical waste incinerators and overhauls turbo generators on scheduled basis in order to ensure compliance with State regulations and insurance requirements.
  • Performs routine maintenance on ancillary equipment such as pumps, motors and valves.
  • Performs related inspection/maintenance activities for electronic control devices such as Servo’s, Syncros, DCS Combustion Systems and other similar controls.
  • Performs duties of a Boiler Operator, Power Plant Operating Engineer and/or Medical Waste Autoclave Operator as needed.
  • Repairs or replaces DCS equipment powered by 4 to 20 MA analog input controlling analog outputs in both current and voltage modes as well as digital I/O in isolated and non-isolated modes. Utilizes computer terminal to prepare preventative maintenance schedules, prepares and maintains related reports and spreadsheets such as repairs performed, parts utilized and the like.
  • Regularly performs all responsibilities associated with power Planet Maintenance Engineer, including inspecting, cleaning and performing maintenance on high pressure boilers, turbo-generators and other ancillary equipment. Operates lathes, milling machines, grinders, presses, saws and other tools in order to manufacture parts as necessary.
  • May perform other activities as cleaning and general maintenance of boiler room, generating plant and incinerator room, including painting, sweeping and performing minor repairs masonry and the like.