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Housekeeping Aide Job

Job Number: RIH18861

Job Title: Housekeeping Aide

Department: Env Services Discharge Team - 1014337

Facility: Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

Under supervision and following established procedures, performs a variety of heavy cleaning duties in order to maintain the hospital in an orderly, sanitary and attractive condition for patients, personnel and visitors.


Has the ability to follow instruction and observe safety precautions.

Has the ability to prepare solutions according to procedure.

Has the ability to assemble cleaning equipment such as mops, dusters, vacuum cleaners, mop buckets and ringers.

Has the ability to read, write, understand and speak English, as well as ability to count numbers.

Has the ability to operate, control and clean motorized and manual equipment that is required to perform E.S.D. tasks.

Has the ability to perform all duties in a safe and professional manner and in accordance with established Environmental Department and Fleet Risk Control policies and procedures.

Has the physical ability to lift, carry or push equipment such as floor buffers, wet vacuums, wall-washing machine, automatic floor-washing machine, carpet cleaning equipment, rubbish carts and linen carts, transport patients, office furniture, climb ladders and shovel show.


At least one to three months on the job training plus formal and on going classroom training.

Must have a good driving record, meet and maintain the appropriate and valid driver’s licenses in order to operate motor vehicles as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations in accordance with the Lifespan Fleet Risk Control Policy.