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Post Doctoral Research Associate Job

Job Number: RIH15574

Job Title: 8 hrs/Days - Post Doctoral Research Associate - 2MGAS Carlson HCC

Department: 2MGAS Carlson HCC - 7361016

Facility: Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

MD, PhD or both required. Previous lab experience preferred but not mandatory.

Research on the development and progression of pancreatic cancer using animal models and studies at the molecular level.

The position is responsible for the development and execution of a research project with the guidance and under the supervision of a principal investigator. This involves not only setting up and designing experiments but also choosing the appropriate methodology to accomplish the goals.

The position is also responsible for ensuring the accurate collection and analysis of the data gathered in the course of the experimentation and interpreting the data for appropriateness to the research objectives.

Is also responsible for the publication of research results in the appropriate forum and as such prepares, writes and presents papers to accomplish this purpose. Will also constantly review current literature in order to remain up-to-date in technique and new approaches to experimentation.

Furthermore, the position requires continuous contact with other experts and scholars in the pertinent field for the purpose of providing professional consultation and sharing information and expertise in the area of interest.

In addition the position may also be required to assist with budgeting and supervision of other employees in positions related to the research project. Participation on institutional committees related to research may also be required.

Is also responsible for ensuring compliance with policies and procedures for research and administrative functions in the laboratory.