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Research Assistant Job

Job Number: TMH17376

Job Title: Research Assistant

Department: 2BEHA Stroud HCC - 7891019

Facility: The Miriam Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

Bachelor’s Degree.

Basic computer knowledge, i.e., being able to navigate through PC software, typing/word processing and completing spreadsheet/data entry.

Demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to provide care patients with consideration of aging processes, human development stages and cultural patterns in each step of the care process.

Experience handling biological specimens and knowledge of SPSS, REDCap and Excel strongly preferred. Must have strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

Research Assistant position involves working on longitudinal studies of maternal smoking during pregnancy and fetal and infant development. Primary responsibilities include coding fetal ultrasound videos for behavior and brain development, data entry, dataset creation, conducting infant behavioral assessments, statistical analysis integrating interview, observational and biological data, and collecting biological specimens. Additional responsibilities involve assistance with recruitment efforts, literature reviews, and manuscripts. Background in research and data required.