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Research Assistant Job

Job Number: TMH18410

Job Title: Research Assistant

Department: 2MINF Rich HCC - 7861021

Facility: The Miriam Hospital

Location: Providence, RI


Bachelor’s Degree.
Candidates must have strong research and writing skills as well as an interest in correctional health, infectious diseases, public health, human rights, disadvantaged populations, and substance abuse and addiction. The candidate will need to be strongly self-directed. Clinical opportunities may be available based on experience and interest.

Basic computer knowledge, i.e., being able to navigate through PC software, typing/word processing and completing spreadsheet/data entry.

Demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to provide care patients with consideration of aging processes, human development stages and cultural patterns in each step of the care process.


Interviewing experience.

Two years experience in counseling, education and/or outreach, including work with the specific or related study population preferred.