Central Sterile Technician


According to
established procedures responsible for duties involving the retrieval
cleaning disinfection and issuance of supplies and equipment for all areas of
the hospital complex.  Cleans disinfects and delivers medica equipment
accessories and supplies. The Central Sterile Technician is expected to assist
with record keeping and re-ordering of supplies for the department. Receives
requisition slips and telephone requests for supplies and
equipment.  Conduct daily inventories of crash carts equipment and
supplies. Maintain the code cart exchange program including rotation of
supplies replenishment of cart supplies and documentation in Maximo post
event.  Fills orders on cart and places in pick up area or delivers
as required. Responsible for knowing and acting in accordance of processes for
but not limited to setting up Intubation trays EVD kits PPE boxes and
various carts. Maintain CAPR HEPA and PRISMA machines and logs. Assists with
unloading pallets the rotation of stock according to expiration date stocking
shelves and adhering to cleaning schedule.  



1.       Picks
up and delivers equipment from all areas of hospital complex.

2.       Disassembles
cleans and checks for proper functioning of equipment e.g. Suction Machines
Internal Feeding Pumps Airflow Motors Intravenous Infusion Pumps Patient
Controlled Analgesia Pumps etc.

3.       Perform
troubleshooting where appropriate including but not limited to battery changes
power cord and cable integrity and hose replacement.

4.       Performs
maintenance on equipment replaces worn hoses vacuum bottles and gauges as
needed.  Refers more complex problems e.g. motor malfunctions to BioMed
or manufacturer�s service representative.

5.       Installs
equipment such as side-rails trapeze assemblies and Stryker frames at bedside
as requested.

6.       Deliver
and provide functional guidance to personnel operating equipment on units in
such a manner that it is immediately available for use in emergencies.

7.       Maintains
and updates Equipment Tracking Database indicating location of equipment
throughout hospital complex.

8.       Unload
pallets help receive and place orders stocks shelves with clean and sterile
supplies.  Rotates stock according to expire date (Manufacturer or CSD as

9.       Maintain
the code cart exchange program including rotation of supplies replenishment of
cart supplies and documentation in Maximo post event.

10.   Clean
and disinfect items such as mechanical equipment CAPR helmets HEPA and PRISMA
machines and IV poles with prepared antiseptic solutions and detergents
according to respective information for use.

11.   Create
and set up intubation trays supply kits for clinical areas and replenishing
various carts.

A. Perform thorough
visual inspection of portable medical equipment carts and supply trays to
ensure all mechanics are intact and functioning properly.

B. Verifying

C. Maintain quality
assurance of expiration dates of all supplies and conduct replenishment

12.   Prepares
sets of supplies and equipment according to IFU information for use.

13.   Fills
requisitions for supplies from stock and loads onto supply carts.

14.   Restocks
shelves in order room with supplies from stock room.

15.   Cleans
and disinfects work area daily.

16.   Answers
department telephone and handles simple requests.  May deliver items to
units in an emergency.


Other information:



High School diploma


Certified Registered
Central Services Technician status preferred.


Ability to read
instruction manuals and follow directions for cleaning and checking equipment.


Mechanical ability to
make minor adjustments on equipment and to recognize problems that are more


Numerical and
clerical ability to check gauges read charts and prepare simple records.


knowledge and skills necessary to provide care patients with consideration of
aging processes human development stages and cultural patterns in each step of
the care process.





Three to six months
on the job training to learn to recognize the various kinds of equipment and
their functioning as well as the sterilization requirements of various
instruments equipment and medical/surgical supplies.




Continuous walking
and standing lifting pushing and pulling with some heat discomfort.


Physical ability to
lift and transport occasionally heavy equipment and to push heavy carriages
loaded with medical/surgical supplies.


Exposure to
contaminated items strong detergents and antiseptic solutions and ethylene
oxide gas.






Lifespan is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race color religion sex national origin age ethnicity sexual orientation ancestry genetics gender identity or expression disability protected veteran or marital status.   Lifespan is a VEVRAA Federal Contractor.


Location: Rhode Island Hospital USA:RI:Providence


Work Type: Full Time


Shift: Shift 2


Union: IBT