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Research Assistant - Neurotrauma and Brain Barrier Research Laboratory Job

Job Number: RIH17643

Job Title: Research Assistant - Neurotrauma and Brain Barrier Research Laboratory

Department: EM Research - 7471015

Facility: Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

Completion of a Bachelor of Science Degree in the scientific field off the research being conducted.

Requires a working knowledge of statistics, computer programming and research methodology.

Requires a professional level of knowledge of the scientific field germane to the research being conducted.


Three to six months related experience.

The selected candidate will be expected to work under supervision and to follow established policies and procedures while conducting experiments. It will also be required to operate the laboratory equipment and collect and analyze data using statistical methodology. Review the literature in the field for informational purposes or to gather data will be also expected.

An ideal candidate is expected to:
Conduct experiments according to established protocols and research methodology using techniques, such as RNA extraction, protein extraction, cDNA synthesis, designing primers and probes for qPCR, qPCR, Western blotting, ELISA, protein and RNA measurements.

Operate laboratory equipment, such as Replex multicycler, EpiMotion robot, Elisa reader, image analyzer, spectrophotometer, etc.

Gather, tabulate, graph, develop explanatory charts and analyze data using statistical methodology. May use computer programming to assist in data analysis.
Review the literature pertaining to research conducted in the lab to better understand the current projects or to gather data. Perform routine laboratory cleaning and maintenance functions as required.

Prepare reagents and/or drugs for use in experiments. Participate in designing of research protocols, developing research methodologies and providing input for the interpretation of data.