Advanced Practice Careers at Lifespan

Director - Neorosurgery & Neurosurgical Innovation Job

Job Number: LPG13625

Job Title: Director, Neorosurgery and Neurosurgical Innovation

Department: LPG Neurosurgery - 8054268

Facility: Lifespan Physician Group, Inc. - Providence

Location: Providence, RI

The minimum qualifications include a MBA or a master’s degree in a health related field; a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering or electronics engineering; and 3 years of prior work experience at a college or university affiliated with a hospital or medical center, or at a college or university-affiliated hospital or medical center, as a director or manager in a position entailing management of complex clinical, academic and research responsibilities, including strategic planning, financial management, innovation management, and business development.


Director of Neurosurgery & Neurosurgical Innovation (henceforth "DNNI"). Full-time position working for Lifespan Physician Group ("LPG") in Providence, RI, primarily providing services at Rhode Island Hospital ("RIH") and The Miriam Hospital, located in Providence, RI.

The DNNI position reports directly to the Chair of The Department of Neurosurgery ("DN") at LPG, and has overall responsibility for overseeing the 4 pillars of the DN: clinical care, research, education and neurosurgical innovation; which encompasses strategic planning, financial management, practice management, department administration, and business development as well as neurosurgical innovation and commercialization.


Consistently applies the corporate values of respect, honesty and fairness and the constant pursuit of excellence in improving the health status of the people of the region through the provision of customer-friendly, geographically accessible and high-value services within the environment of a comprehensive integrated academic health system. Is responsible for knowing and acting in accordance with the principles of the Lifespan Corporate Compliance Program and Code of Conduct.

In the area of strategic planning, the DNNI is responsible for assessment of industry trends to identify growth opportunities in neurosurgical subspecialties, which includes market analysis, coordinating institution-wide initiatives to enhance patient services, and determining financial and non-financial resources required to achieve strategic goals.

In the area of financial management, the DNNI's responsibilities include development and management of annual budgets and financial reports, and management of the grant application process. In addition, the DNNI is responsible for ongoing analysis and improvement of departmental fiscal operations, supporting financial audit control processes, and development of internal controls as necessary to ensure the integrity of the department's financials.

In the area of practice management, the DNNI's responsibilities include analyzing practice results - volume, statistics, billing data, and expense and revenue trends, in comparison to industry benchmarks, and implementing changes as necessary. The DNNI is also responsible for developing strategic proposals for reallocation and development of ambulatory practice space, developing strategies to maintain the optimal number of operating rooms for the DN, and promoting compliance and best billing practices to maximize departmental revenue.

In the area of department administration, the DNNI represents the DN within the Lifespan Health System, manages all human resources related activities within the department, manages staff development, and develops and implements polices designed to maintain compliance and meet best business practices.

More specifically, as regards neurosurgical innovation, the DNNI's responsibilities include identifying and managing the innovation pathway within the DN and Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute ("NPNI") as regards technology invention and commercialization, in partnership with senior executives from clinical care, research, education and prevention. In addition, the DNNI is responsible for identifying, initiating, developing and managing joint commercialization and translational research projects among NPNI clinical departments (e.g. neurosurgery, neurology, and psychiatry), School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department at Brown University, Brain Institute for Brain Sciences and the Technology Transfer Office in an effort to develop novel surgical techniques and streamline the process of developing technology that has potential clinical applications.

In addition, the DNNI is also responsible for evaluating new inventions in the areas of neuromodulation and neurotechnology therapies, neuro-robotics, neuro-electronics for product and market potential and identify market potential of inventions. Existing research projects include transcranial magnetic stimulation, implantable brain microelectromechanical devices, implantable neuro-stimulator for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and other restorative approaches for neurodegenerative disorders.

Finally, in the area of business development, the DNNI is responsible for supporting the executive management team at RIH with development and implementation of RIH's global strategic plan, focusing in particular on initiatives that identify expanded global business opportunities, programmatic growth and innovation. More specifically, as regards global strategic plan and patient access, the DNNI is responsible for establishing and providing a pathway for international patients and streamlining the process to accommodate increasing requests from international patients and health-care providers.