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Research Administrative Coordinator Job

Job Number: RIH14861

Job Title: Research Administrative Coordinator

Department: 2MHON QUESENBERRY - 7331012

Facility: Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

Bachelor’s degree or Associates degree with minimum 5 years related experience required.


Excellent verbal and written skills are essential. Highly organized, with a strong attention to detail. Ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines.

The ability to interact with persons from diverse backgrounds such as MDs, PhDs, research staff and administrators.

Thorough knowledge of microcomputers, peripheral equipment and networks. Thorough knowledge of software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. Ability to learn specific research programs.

An Administrative Coordinator position is available within the Hematology/Oncology research department. Position will provide overall administrative and management support for the Center and PI of the Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) grant entitled “Stem Cells and Aging.” Responsibilities include coordination of all COBRE related activities: financial tracking and oversight of this $10 million dollar award, maintenance of day-to-day operations of the COBRE office, record-keeping, submission of reports to the National institutes of Health, and assisting investigators in the preparation of and submission of grant applications. In addition, the position will support the academic activities of the PI.