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Research Student Job

Job Number: RIH18633

Job Title: Research Student

Department: EM Research - 7471015

Facility: Rhode Island Hospital

Location: Providence, RI

Comfort with wearable technologies and software; comfortable obtaining consent from adults in street community outreach setting; non-judgmental; desire to positively impact the epidemic of opioid overdose deaths; comfort administering surveys entering data into spreadsheets and downloading and managing data files.

The Research Student will be responsible for recruiting and consenting people served by Anchor MORE street outreach, specifically seeking the participation of those with active opioid use. After consent, s/he will demonstrate the use of, and dispense a wrist fitness tracker and help install and teach an associated app for smartphones, if owned. A one-page survey will be administered. After 7 days of use, the subjects are to return the device and complete another one-page survey.

The study's goal is to determine how well physiologic changes associated with opioid use can be captured by the fitness tracker. Data will need to be entered from the surveys into a spreadsheet, surveys organized and stored, and data files from the tracker downloaded and analyzed.